Nokia Retail


Nokia Sense is an interactive touchscreen system that allows customers to intuitively explore the world of Nokia products and find a phone and plan fitted to their lifestyle.

The ecosystem included playful apps that inspire customers, and a concierge service to provide custom support for Nokia reps. A content management system was behind every aspect of this bespoke retail experience, allowing local stores to run unique promotions and messaging.

• Part of a team of .Net and Flash Developers delivering creative rich CMS UI for Nokia Retail.
• Project was deployed worldwide across all Nokia retail stores.
• The CMS gave complete end-to-end search, email, and buy functionality across all Nokia
• Involved in developing and blending the .Net 4, JQuery HTML, and CSS components together.
• Involved in coding cross email client compliant Nokia promo emails also.
• Single point of UI contact for the entire project.


Front End Developer


R/GA Digital Agency, London


Nov 2012


CMS, Nokia Retail Kiosk Application